Brooklyn Brownstone

We had the challenge and pleasure of renovating a brownstone in Clinton Hill Brooklyn. It was a labor of love, but we were able to whip this townhouse originally built in the 1890's into a beautiful home. The 5 story house was used and abused over its history and chopped up into 4 separate apartments. We were able to open it up, return a lot of its former glory by preserving its historical details and adding a modern touch, and turn it into a 2 unit with a shared back yard. Graduating from black and deep wood tones on the first floor, up through the warm grays and neutrals of the master suite, up to the clean starkness of the white top floor; it has become our loving home. We would love to do the same for you. 

La Paz House

In collaboration with Cristina Rojas and Pacheco Arquitectura, Flying Merkel Inc. helped design this stunning three bedroom home in the foothills of La Paz, Bolivia. Modern yet still fitting to its locale, this single family home is about to get an addition for some extra family members. 

Winston Pies

When our good friends reached out to help them make their dream of opening a pie shop come true, we jumped at the chance to help craft what this experience would be. Flying Merkel Inc laid out the vision for the design of Winston Pies and worked with local architects Otto Design Group to bring the vision to life. We are happy to say that now Winston Pies is a staple in Brentwood, LA - and look forward to eating there when we visit!


We were asked to help convert two combined one bedroom apartments in a post-war building into a 4 bed - 3 bath apartment for a young family looking for as many bedrooms as possible for their growing family (3 children under the age of 4). With a limited budget we were able to pack in everything family wanted plus some nice design details.